About us

SPWU was the first trade union to be registered on 18th October 1946. We represent employees in the port sector, serving our members' needs and aspirations.


Advisors / Key Officials


Tong Chun Fai Edwin Charles

Ang Wei Neng

Ong Chin Ang


Phua Tiong Koon

Danny Phua Cheow Huat

Suhaimi Badar Bajarai

Executive Council


Arasu Duraisamy

First VP Kenny Ng Hoe Tiong

Second VP

Malik Timboel Manik

Third VP

Low Chow Wah

Executive Secretary

Jessie Yeo Hong Cheng

Deputy Executive Secretary

Khoo Woon Kung

General Secretary

Tan Teng Hong

1st Deputy GS

Low Kar Siong

2nd Deputy GS


1st Asst GS

Ibrahim Peri

2nd Asst GS

Syed Mohd Ali Syed Hassan

General Treasurer

See Joon Hong

1st Asst GT

Joshua Nathaniel Norsen

2nd Asst GT Henry Tan Chun Meng

ExCo Member

Mahfud Juraimi

Haja Maidin

Kiang Young Chow

Sam Tang Kah Fai

Muhammad Faizal Samsudin

Rashidin Ismail Bharoocha

Peter Kong Tze Yuan

Russell Heng Chee Kiang

Bernard Lean Chong Meng


Noralizna Aziz

Fadhlullah Abdul Rahmah

Taufan Rayis Mochamad

G Samarasam


G Ramatas

Tan Chun Sheng


Soon Chee Yong

Venus Lim




Synopsis of Logo




Visual Identity For The Singapore Port Workers Union

The modern new logo and typography created for SPWU together comprise a union identity for the 21st century. An identity which is particularly appropriate for Singapore's first union, a union which has been and continues to be at the forefront of the nation's drive for excellence.

The Unity logo, which won an award (Click here to view the award), comprises of three elements:

The Circle Around The Globe

The brush stroke circle represents the strength, stability and the harmonious relationship between SPWU and its employer-partners. It is also representative of the extensive connections and influence of the SPWU and its members.


Contained within the circle is the world, depicted in an abstract, watercolour style and evocative of photographs of earth taken from space.

The globe element, centred around Singapore, represents the world class quality and organisation of the SPWU members, the individuals who work in the largest, most efficient and highly respected ports as well as those working in its related port services.

The Stroke

Anchoring the circle and globe is a simple stroke. This stroke, inspired by the Chinese Character “one” stands for unity, harmony and alignment of the SPWU members. It is also befitting of SPWU’s status as the very first union to be set up in Singapore.

Typeface of SPWU

The clean, modern typeface depicts the Singapore Port Workers Union’s well known acronym SPWU. Using a customised font specifically created for SPWU, the typeface features a “P” that highlights the professionalism and sophistication of SPWU.


SPWU creativity award

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