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MWC rolls out a suite of work and recreational benefits for migrant workers

A new fully equipped gym and online courses are among the new initiatives migrant workers can expect.
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By Nicolette Yeo 23 Jun 2024
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Singapore’s migrant workers can look forward to a slew of exciting upskilling and recreational benefits.


The Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) announced the new initiatives on 23 June 2024 to help MWC Associate members lead more fulfilling lives.


The announcement was made during the NTUC May Day Migrant Workers’ celebration at the MWC Recreation Club.


Under an agreement between MWC and Grow Education, migrant workers can access customised virtual lesson plans, courses, and quizzes on the Grow Studio online learning platform. This allows them to learn effectively at their own pace, on the go, and at any time.


MWC Associate members have the additional privilege of exclusive courses on the platform’s member-only community feature.


Through another partnership with Carnival Cinemas, migrant members can enjoy movie tickets for only $8, which is 50 per cent off the regular price, from Monday to Thursday.


Mariyaselvam Alexander, a 43-year-old worker from India, is looking forward to the half-priced movie tickets and online courses.


The MWC Associate member is also very thankful for the membership's insurance benefits, which provides added protection beyond the workplace.


"If something unfortunate were to happen like a stroke or heart attack, the insurance gives us peace of mind," he said.


At the event, NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Desmond Tan encouraged migrant workers to renew or join the MWC Associate Membership, pointing out that the membership is still available at a subsidised rate of $6 for the first year.


The MWC Associate Membership Programme was introduced in 2022 to offer migrant workers a range of benefits, including a group insurance plan, subsidised training initiatives, affordable telco packages, and medical and employment agency services.


According to the Labour Movement Annual 2024 report, there were over 128,000 members as of 2023.


New recreation club for MWC ambassadors


To recognise MWC ambassadors’ efforts, MWC also launched the exclusive Ambassadors’ Club at the event as a dedicated space for them to relax during their day off or take a breather from work. The space is located at the MWC Recreation Club.


The MWC ambassadors are a group of dedicated migrant workers who volunteer with MWC to help new arrivals understand Singapore’s employment laws and assimilate into society.


Ambassadors can use the facility as a communal hub to connect with peers and enjoy various recreational activities.


Mr Tan also urged migrant workers to join the MWC Ambassadors Programme to serve fellow workers.


New gym for migrant workers


Noting migrant workers’ growing interest in fitness, MWC realised they lacked access to gym equipment.


In response, MWC collaborated with the Association of Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Singapore (ABPS) to set up a complimentary fully equipped gym at the MWC Recreation Club for migrant workers to keep fit.


The new gym was also launched at the NTUC May Day Migrant Worker 2024 celebration.


ABPS Honorary Secretary Thenesh Prakkash said: “This initiative demonstrates our shared commitment to promoting health and fitness within the migrant worker community, offering them the opportunity to improve physical health, build strength, and enjoy a positive outlet for their energy.”


ABPS has partnered with MWC to organise bodybuilding competitions over the past two years, and migrant workers have been using classroom facilities to train.


“This new gym will provide better training conditions, enabling us to groom more bodybuilding champions for upcoming competitions.


“We look forward to seeing the positive impact this collaboration will have on their lives,” said Mr Thenesh.


Around 30 migrant workers participated in the bodybuilding competition at the celebration. It was among a host of other activities to engage migrant workers.


Summing up the new benefits, Mr Tan said: “These efforts recognise and support their recreational [needs] and personal development.


“We want to show that NTUC cares for them, and we will not leave anyone behind because every worker matters.”


NTUC May Day Migrant Workers’ Celebration


The event was an annual affair celebrating migrant workers’ contributions to the nation.


MWC also marked 15 years of supporting migrant workers in Singapore.


Around 26,000 migrant workers, union leaders and guests attended the event.


“We thank you for taking the effort to come to Singapore and sacrificing your personal time away from your family to help build Singapore,” said Mr Tan in his address to migrant workers.


Visit to become an MWC Associate Member.


Visit to become an MWC ambassador.